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What to look for in an online marketing system

As we we mentioned in the presenting the MLM business overview, using a website is an excellent method of doing this. In fact it’s my preferred method since the presentation works tirelessly 24/7.

But there are factors of a website presentation which make a viable online marketing system.

The truth is many network marketers think they have an online system, but they don’t. First of all understand that your company’s website is not an online system. Corporations all provide distributor websites, but they don’t work for online marketing. They are usually pretty, and professionally done but they lack focus and clarity, showing all kinds of links about the company, the founders, the products, the compensation plan, etc. And they rarely contain any type of contact management, and even if they did there is no e-mail capability to send email’s to segments of your list.

Your List is Your Greatest Asset.

An online marketing system that helps you build, segment, and market to your list is critical to your success. The things to look for in a system include:

  • Online collection and storage of a massive or unlimited number of leads
  • A variety of marketing presentations and sites to which you can drive traffic
  • Integrated contact manager that allows you to keep notes of your interactions with your prospect, move them to different parts of your list, set appointments, and send personalized emails to them.
  • Autoresponders that allow you to automatically follow up to your list.
  • An email broadcast tool that allows you to send one time personalized email messages to geographical areas, for example to send an announcement to everyone in a large city about a meeting your company is holding.
  • Detailed tracking and reporting that allows you to measure the effectiveness of your marketing and email campaigns… you should be able to see what videos, or pages that the prospect has viewed, and sort the hottest prospects into a special list.
  • Integrated training and support.

The power of online marketing systems has continued to progress. Gone are the days where you have to guess if your prospect watched your video and read the detailed information, or even attended your online opportunity webinar. Your time is valuable, don’t waste it spending time that haven’t demonstrated a sincere desire to review your information.

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