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Here’s Some Free Time for You

If you were given one wish you could make for anything, what would it be?

97% of the population respond to this question by simply asking for more money. But at the end of your days, what will you want, more money, or… more time?

That’s right, more time.

You’ve heard the old cliche that time is money.  But that’s not true at all.

Time is time.

Money is money.

And you know what, the truly successful people, the real leaders, 3% leaders we like to call them,  making things happen realize that their most precious commodity is not money but time, and they know exactly what to do to  carve out more time for their lives.

Do you?

Well you will in a minute, as I’m going to share with you a profound concept that may go against the grain a bit, but trust me if you apply it, you will start to free up more time and start living a more fun and productive life.

So how am I going to be able to help YOU get more time?  Well, here it is…

Focus on the Worthy

Yep, you got it. In order to carve more time out for your lifestyle, you need neglect those that are unnecessary and only focus on the worthy.

This goes for the people you deal with.

The tasks you work on.

Apply your time to one object at a time, and you will succeed. There is tremendous power in focus, and it’s your ticket to more time, and a much happier life. Think about it.

Here’s a first example… regarding who  you focus on.

You’re building your business, you have hundreds or thousands of team members, but only a handful of true leaders who are making things happen. Who should you spend the majority of your time with? You got it, the leaders. Spend at least 80% of your time with the people proving that they are worthy for your time.

Help the rest in group settings.

Two things will happen. Your leaders will become better leaders and better friends, and you won’t have your energy sapped by unproductive whiney slugs who happen to be on your team, but can’t figure out how to open an email to follow directions to get their website setup. You will enjoy your working time much more by simple only allowing those that are worthy of your time to get any.

Another example… regarding what you focus on.

If your goal is to create a lifestyle that truly inspires you, you need to spend the vast majority of your time on income producing activities. What are some income producing activities?

  • taking orders
  • placing ads online
  • promotions to your list
  • coaching leaders

What are some time wasters you should avoid?

  • answering email
  • answering the phone
  • instant messaging
  • working with non productive distributors
  • goofing off on facebook

I can hear  you saying, “But wait Dave, don’t I have to answer email and the phone, I’m in business after all?”

Save these tasks and do them once or twice day. When you are “focused” on income producing activities, allow no other distractions. The email can wait, and most phone calls are from non productive distributors or prospects and can wait until you’re ready, and instant messaging can be a huge distraction.

And regarding facebook, twitter, etc. There’s a good place for this in your marketing mix, but I know for a fact that facebook can draw you in and eat up too much time just socializing. I see my wife Nancy do it all the time, but she’s not a marketer.

As a marketer your time on facebook , twitter, and youtube should have a focused goal in mind, and limited to less than an hour a day.

So to recap, if you have a really big goal,  and I hope you do, develop the discipline to get tunnel vision, and let those things that are not necessary remain undone. I know it may be a challenge at first, but be at peace in the knowing that the people and things that really matter for your big goal are getting the attention they deserve.

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