Build it Once. Build it Right. Leave a Legacy!

Stop spinning your wheels and follow in the footsteps of proven success.
You will work hard, but only once, and then you can leave a legacy!

Customer Acquisition

In today's network marketing environment, customers are mandatory. Acquiring customers requires products that are priced competitively and offer real value. But equally important is a simple system to share the benefits, preferably from your mobile device.


Finding Partners

After customer acquisition, developing a team is key to creating substantial income. A simple step by step system is required so that even the newest can have immediate success.


Mentor With Servants Heart

You need to be willing to be coached, and to then turn around and share what you've learned with your ever expanding team.


Seeking Leaders

We are looking for fun, energetic people, who want to add a long term passive income stream of at least $2,000 per month, willing to invest a few hundred dollars to start, and a bit per month, who have the where with all to stick to the plan for 3-5 years.


Dave & Nancy

Hi, we are Dave & Nancy Hanson. We have been in network marketing on and off again for over 20 years. We have had some epic failures, and some fantastic success. We walked away from the industry for a few years, as it felt like we were spinning our wheels, even though we had a group of over 3,000 people and personally enrolled over 130. We have learned a lot along the way and now have partnered with a team that has help create over 186 millionaires. This level of pentacle leadership is the key to build it once, build it right, leave a legacy. We invite you to join the adventure with us.

An Amazing Adventure

Have Fun
Do you like to have fun? Would you be open to exploring the possibility of joining a group of like-minded individuals? Would you be interested in extra cash to do fun things with your family? Creating memories they will talk about for years? I was walking in Times Square in New York City when my six year old granddaughter turned to me and said “Grandma will you keep planning surprise trips for us?” This was the second trip we’d surprised them with in four months. The previous trip was Disney World. That question from my granddaughter is priceless to me. THAT is what life is about. Creating memories. If you’d like the chance to do the same, pay the bills, get out of debt, or save for retirement so you sleep better at night and feel secure about your future, we should talk.
You know how most people misunderstand the power of leveraging their time? Well, we teach people a SYSTEM to leverage their time and build an invisible franchise without the high cost of a traditional franchise. Simply put, it’s a cash flow of passive income. Passive income means we make money while we sleep. And you can do this without interfering with your current job or business. The wealthiest people in the world leverage a system. That’s why Warren Buffet says “If you don’t find a way to make money work for you…you will work until you die”. Because our fulfillment center takes care of everything we don’t want to do, this opportunity is a business owners dream…most business owners just don’t know about it yet because no one explains it like we do. We are taxed at the lowest tax rate but can take as many pay raises as we want and still remain at the lowest tax rate. We can take as many vacations as we want and our business will still create cash flow. We don’t have to manage employees because we have no employees.
BOOM Product
Our company recently launched our newest PATENTED product into a market that Forbes predicts could grow 700% by 2020. Experts are predicting US sales to reach $22 Billion by 2022. This product is NOT patent pending…we were GRANTED a PATENT. Done deal. No one in this space can compete because we are the only one with a patent. This product category is in the awareness of people, it’s on TV, the newspapers, everywhere you go you hear about it. This is a product people have been waiting DECADES for and will be going mainstream. The testimonials of people using this product are nothing short of miraculous.