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Exposure is King

The generic five step MLM recruiting system we present on this website, lays out a system for bringing a new person through the process of being a suspect (not knowing anything about home business), to being a prospect (expressed an interest in home business), to being a member (signed up in your MLM) to finally being a business partner (duplicated your process).

Of all the five steps, the one the majority of your time should be spent on is exposing new people to your business each and every day. You should endeavor to find 3-5 prospecting methods that work for you. I love the internet, so my personal favorites all involve the web. They are search engine optimization, promoting funded proposals on the PPC networks and, new to my arsenal, calling lead lists with the aid of an online predictive dialer.

In general, I’ve had an order of magnitude better response when I’ve generated my own leads. The one notable exception to this is our company has a distributor leader who is an expert at radio advertising. He shares his expertise in the form of coop, and everyone pitches their funds together and shares the leads. While these are generic home business leads, these work well because they are not generated on the internet, and are 100% exclusive.

There are excellent training resources available to help you find your track, your favorite method of operation. I recommend getting a copy of Mark Yarnell’s Holy Grail of Network Marketing, vol 2, which is dedicated to exposing 26 unique rejection free prospecting methods, such as the curiosity creating button, lime gree card advertisements, and domain specific lists just to name a few.

Remember the process; the purpose of the exposure step is to create enough curiosity so that the suspect will take the next step, upgrade themselves to a prospect, and review your presention. Since this is an action you control 100%, I like to make this the daily goal — you should pick a number between 5 and 30 people that you commit to exposing information to each day.

Do this consistently, and you will succeed.

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