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Adapt and Overcome

Yesterday I had a great time watching my oldest son’s soccer team play.

Aaron plays soccer for a small college in Wisconsin.  My mind is always relating what’s happening around  me into the success I’ve had with my business  and those of my mentors.

It was a physical game, very evenly matched if you look at the statistics.  The opposing fans, however, were having a tizzy. I don’t know what game they were watching but they thought every foul called against their team  was BS, and of course let the ref know this.

It was almost comical.

Complaining to the ref can only have a negative effect on the outcome of the game as it is not unusual for the ref to actually yellow card the team for obnoxious fans.

They came close.

This reminded me of the latest kick in the shorts many people took this past August from Google.  Advertising on Adwords is one of the most targeted, highly scalable and  fastest ways to generate leads ANYWHERE.

I’m an expert at it and easily generate over 100 leads per day into my attraction marketing system, so it is a key component of my marketing.

But crying “foul” to Google is not going to get your ads running again if they whack you — and hundreds of home business and affiliate marketers got slapped in August.

You must be willing to adapt and overcome.

Study what IS working, what recipe they really want, today, and apply it, and  voila, you’re back in the game.

Those fans needed to stop focusing their energy on the ref, but rather encourage their boys to adapt to the way the game is being called, and play within that framework…

They didn’t.

We did.

And we won!



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