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The End of Delusional Capitalism

I found this interesting, so thought I’d post it here for your review.

The End of Delusional Capitalism

Mark Yarnell, the author of Random House Bestseller, “Your First Year In Network Marketing,” believes that North Americans have less than ten years to acquire wealth. He spotlights what he calls “The End of Delusional Capitalism,” and offers practical wealth strategies to a rapidly declining middle class.

After nearly a decade of silence, the best selling Network Marketing author of all time is back. Following his last appearance on the O’Reilly Factor and seven years of extensive research, Mark Yarnell, author of “Your First Year In Network Marketing,” has returned to the spotlight with his first of sixteen volumes entitled The Holy Grail of Network Marketing. Yarnell contends that North America has a rude awakening in store for its citizens following what he calls the “Fifty Year Float.”

Yarnell is referring to the years from 1950 until 2000, “When the U.S., one of the few countries left standing after the World War II, began to experiment with delusional capitalism. All we found out by attempting to think ourselves into riches was that there is a definite correlation between leisure, victimhood, and declining intelligence. And now that captains of industry are turning toward India, Eurasia, and China to find people with brains and work ethics, it’s going to take more than Lou Dobbs to save the middle class.” A strong warning from an unlikely source.

Yarnell bases his conclusions on books such as, “The World Is Flat,” “Think,” “The Hundred Year Lie”, “The Twilight of American Culture” and “The Future of Success.” He’s in good company by frequently quoting some of the best minds in business, science, technology and government. Where he does depart from popular public opinion is when he asserts that Network Marketing could bail out the middle class. It is hard to debate his premise that legitimate networking has allowed millions to prosper with virtually no capital investments. Avon, Mary Kay and Amway are hard to ignore and Yarnell obviously believes what he preaches, as do millions of others worldwide who have read his Random House best seller, now published in more than twelve languages.

If initial sales of The Holy Grail of Network Marketing Volume One or the massive recent traffic to www.markyarnell.com are any indication of a receptive audience, Yarnell is well on his way to creating another best selling series. He attributes most of the web traffic to a thirty-minute speech “The End of Delusional Capitalism” delivered recently at the University of Illinois at Chicago and posted to his site

Although Yarnell tends to enrage the sensibilities of those who demand political correctness, his social policy concepts obviously strike a chord with many. It’s hard to discount the millions of Google links to his bestseller, “Your First Year In Network Marketing.”

Yarnell claims that the solutions to most global problems are much easier than people realize, but admits that because they involve personal sacrifice and the unseating of many people in power, the solutions are not popular.

Yarnell On America’s Health Care Crisis

“Impose a health care tax on big pharmaceutical companies to be earmarked for health care to uninsured Americans. The top ten drug companies earn more profits than the other 490 Fortune 500 companies combined. Eliminate all cash bribes, (lobby money for politicians), and require Big Pharma to divert the salaries and overrides they now pay to their 675 lobbyists into a health care pool for the uninsured. Also, disallow the cash “bounties” being paid as overrides to school districts who put children on Ritalin. Yes, big drug companies are paying schools to put children on drugs. That money should be used to help insure the uninsured. By diverting excess profiteering into health care funding, 50% of all bankruptcies in America will be eliminated. Remember half of all U.S. bankruptcies are the result of medical expenses.”

Yarnell On Politics

“This one’s a no-brainer. Eliminate all cash bribery (lobbying). Cap campaign spending. Elect no lawyers to any local, state, or national office for eight years (two full election cycles). We need our elected officials serving the people, not fund raising and creating the need for more lawyers. We also need more diverse sectors of our society represented in our form of Democracy. Lawyers control all three branches of government and everyone can see where that has gotten America. Honest people can serve if there are caps on funds and everyone in America agrees to stop voting for lawyers for a few elections.”

Yarnell On Global Hunger

Again, Yarnell calls it a no-brainer. “Impose a calorie Mc tax on all fast foods (based on fat and calorie content) and create a U.S. branch of government like the I.R.S. to assess, collect and disseminate fast food taxes into food programs for malnourished citizens in the U.S. and abroad. It’s a huge win-win. Thousands could be employed in America. Many citizens may opt to switch to lower calorie food which will lower clinical obesity and diabetes and least of all, 10,000 kids get to stop dying each day of hunger.”

Yarnell believes that many intelligent people are angry, but can’t seem to figure out solutions. To him the solutions are obvious.

“We have rapid communications now. Nobody has to do anything but share these facts on-line, begin a revolt of common sense and ignore the special interests groups when they trott out “paid experts” to persuade the masses to ignore these facts. Lawyers, huge pharmaceutical companies, fast food giants and lobbyist should be removed immediately from positions of power and influence. They won’t change voluntarily or without a public relations fight. The reality is – no one needs to fight. We all need to vote.”

The guy makes sense, but intelligent solutions are usually the most controversial. One thing’s for certain: Yarnell treasures his anonymity and loves his privacy so don’t expect to see him on any media talk shows or political ballots. You’ll just have to be content to experience his commentaries as he rolls them out between trout fishing and paragliding. But Yarnell’s back…and this time he seems to enjoy turning a spotlight on what he calls “The End of Delusional Capitalism.”

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