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MLM Recruiting System – A Five Step Process

Professional network marketers all have a system for bringing new distributors onto their team. The details of the implementation are widely varied, but the basic structure is common across all systems that I have studied, and the true professionals know where they are in the process with each prospect.

Here are the steps:

1. Expose people – pique their interest and qualify (ad to landing page)
2. Present the business – tell your story (online sales letter)
3. Validate information – follow up with details (live contact & automated email follow up)
4. Sponsor and train – send the same info you’re receiving (online training community)
5. Leadership development – get to live training events, commit to personal development

Realize that the process is all about persuasion, and there’s a proven process for doing that in MLM.

If you’re just getting started out in MLM, I’d suggest you keep the five steps (expose, present, validate, sponsor and train) in front of you at all times so that you will know you’re bringing each prospect through the process in the correct sequence. Doing so will increase your success rate with bringing in new distributors and getting them started fast.

The details of each step will be covered thoroughly in other pages of this website.