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Working With MLM Genealogy Reports

Marketing can be boiled down to a simple numbers game. We need to expose our product or business opportunity to as many people as possible in as short of time is possible. The more people exposed to the preliminary information, the more that will see your presentation, and so on…

That being the case, we should always be looking for inexpensive ways of contacting people, and should ideally never spend more than a few cents for each lead, as most lead sources available are usually a total waste of time and money.

For marketing our MLM business we have found that focusing on experienced networker marketers is the most successful way for us to move forward fast. Since they already understand the industry, they have a head start with regards to how to build a network marketing business. This reduces the training burden, and accelerates your growth.

There are a lot of places that sell them online: just do a google search for either MLM Genealogy Leads or MLM Downline Reports. What you’ll get is a list of people who are or perhaps were with a network marketing company in the past.

These are the best, most targeted leads to build your network marketing business with. The key is to plan on calling lead after lead until you find someone home and give them quick pitch to drive them to your website. Be sure to have some on hand to share with your downline to get them going quickly!

We offer some training on this site using genealogy leads and downline reports. Just click on the power recruiting system link and we’ll show you every step of the way including scripts and more.

But to call genealogy leads, you had better have some thick skin. I’ve found it easier to find them by giving away useful tools, free marketing resources, that active mlm distributors need and want to promote their online business. This eliminates the time consuming task of hammering the phones, yet targets the same market that power recruiting does.

Another method of targeting the same market involves actually selling something that network marketers want, usually information in the form of an ebook… I’ll save that discussion for another post.

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