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Working With the Law of Averages

In any marketing that you do, either offline, or online, certain ratios begin to develop. These ratios allow you to plan, test and tweak your marketing message.

For example, on a good lead capture page for the MLM niche, you should expect to have to send between 5 to 10 visitors to your page to convert a visitor into a lead (10% – 20% conversion rate). Depending on traffic source, I have a landing page that converts as well as 50%, and another that converts just under 10%.

But the point is, once you have driven enough traffic to any point in your sales and marketing funnel, you should be able to predict and scale your efforts to produce what ever results you want.

Here’s the catch, though, and it has to do with statistics, but I’ll avoid the detailed technical stuff.

Let’s say the fundemental (meaning millions of visitors ratio) conversion rate on your landing page is 10%.  When you are sending your traffic to your page, you may not see a single conversion with 10 visitors, or even 20 visitors. Then again you may see 5.  The numbers are just too small to start to see what the fundemental conversion rate is.

They are good to watch, but until you have at least 3 times the number you think you need, the real ratio may not be revealing itself, so don’t panic (or get too excited).  My baseline for my landing pages is at least 10% conversion, so for me this metric means I don’t even start to get an idea of the peformance until about 30 visitors; and then as more time progresses I get a better and better feel.

This is law of averages and it takes large numbers to know what they are.

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