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Five Key Leadership Attributes

As I’ve progressed in my entrepreneurial journey, and take time to study what makes the people who make totally life changing kinds of income and create awesome lifestyles for them and there families, I’m struck with the realization that they all possess five key attributes which they’ve turned into habits.

The good news is since you’re reading this, you can now choose to study and apply these traits as well!

Five Key Leadership Attributes

  • Take time daily for visualization and meditation on your goals
  • Spend the majority of your working hours on income producing activities
  • Invest time daily in personal development
  • Mastermind with other leaders every day
  • Cultivate the expectation of leadership from all you associate with.

I know many who read this, will say hogwash, I don’t need to do those things to succeed

Well, I’ve talked to a lot of millionaires, and I can promise you this is not all unicorn and rainbows. Study, master and apply these five habits and you’ll see results like you’ve never seen before!

These are so important, I’ll be digging into each a little more as time goes on, but there’s plenty of good resources for you to tap into right now on the internet. I have some excellent resources at the bottom of this page as well

Until next time…

David A. Hanson

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