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The Anti-Cyclical Nature of MLM

Thank goodness I started my network marketing business a few years ago, well before I needed to.  My background is electronics engineering, and did very well with that career for 25 years, but the entire electronics industry is hyper competitive and most growth is currently happening in Asia. Like many people, my job disappeared in December of last year, but I had a nice solid residual income to fall back upon.

Today I read a disturbing article in the NY Times that talks about the economic tsunami I’ve been warning people about for months. The fact is, times are changing in the US. Hopefully the many of the 80,000 people who lost their jobs here in March, and 50,000 in February had their plan B well on the way.

If you know any one that is danger, by all means get them introduced to your MLM company today! When the economy is in the toilet, like it is now, network marketing can offer real hope for folks. That’s why the best MLM companies tend to prosper in bad economic times, and why we are in the best recruiting season in the past 20 years.

Don’t waste time;  Get to work now!

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