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Using SEO to Generate Leads

I’ve been holding off writing about search engine optimization for generating leads for your MLM business, since it takes a bit of time to first learn what’s involved, and then secondly to apply what you’ve learned. It’s not for the faint of heart. We’re talking about a long term strategy here, but in all honesty, it works remarkably well.

For example, I have a lead capture page that I put up a couple of years ago that is optimized for keywords around “xango“. I’m on the first page of google for this, and as a result when people search for xango, presumably they are looking for information about either the products or the business.

In either case it’s good for me. I generate between 5 and 15 leads a day from this free traffic, and they are all exclusive to me.

Now, it’s also true that I get a lot of people that are already Xango distributors that request information, basically checking out what other people are doing, most people have heard of our company, and actively searching.

So, if your company has a decent amount of buzz surrounding it, this strategy may work well for you as well. I don’t have the time to go into details here, but there are two key elements to getting listed in google: on page factors and off page factors.

The key on page factors are to have your keyword in the title of your webpage, and have that key word show up between 2% and 10% in the text of the website. Make sure the copy makes sense and looks natural. Take a look at the websites on the first page, and see what they are doing. Don’t copy their titles, but emulate the structure.

The second part is to get other websites pointing to your’s with your keyword in the anchor text… you can do this by posting comments on other peoples blogs, write an article and submit it to article sites, write a press release, etc… it’s all about generating back links to your site.

There is an excellent web service called site build it that you can use — they walk you through this entire process and are very reasonably priced.

Again, this process takes time, so it shouldn’t be your sole focus, but investing say 25% of your time developing a web presence can really pay off in the long term.

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