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Free MLM Genealogy Leads

Why in the heck would I decide to give away 2,000 free MLM genealogy leads and MLM downline reports each and every week? Have I gone crazy?

These are the same leads that I’ve literally spent several thousands of dollars on, mostly purchased from Tracy Biller directly, and I have been stockpiling for the past several years.

Well part of the reason is I used to sell them to the general public and to my team for $50 per 1,000, and managed to sell enough to cover my investment costs. This however got to be a hassle with charge backs, etc, because people were confusing genealogy lists with optin business opportunity leads (yuk).

I wanted to simplify my life.

I was manually emailing the leads out to my members and customers, and this was getting burdensome. I didn’t have a good system for keeping track of who got what leads, so it turned out to take be about 30-45 minutes to get a batch of leads out.

That’s when I said enough is enough.

So I took a couple million of my more than 15 million MLM genealogy leads and broke them into random 2,000 lead parcels, and uploaded them to my lead website, cvleadsource.com … in the interest of keeping it simple I opened it up to the world so I wouldn’t have to try to make a private site and worry about outsiders sneaking in, which I’m sure they would.

Free MLM genealogy leads were borne.

I’ve added a little gem to the mix as well… there’s a new power recruiting calling script that I’ve been using that gets better results than the one I have posted on this site; it’s much easier to use, quicker on the phone, and just plane works.

I don’t know how long I’ll keep distributing the downline reports for free, as I’m sure I’m going to upset a few people… oh well. Remember there are no guarantees; download them, put them to use, if you like them, you’ve found a free source that should keep you in business until you’re making the kind of money you’re worth.

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