Build it Once. Build it Right. Leave a Legacy!

Stop spinning your wheels and follow in the footsteps of proven success.
You will work hard, but only once, and then you can leave a legacy!

Customer Acquisition

In today's network marketing environment, customers are mandatory. Acquiring customers requires products that are priced competitively and offer real value. But equally important is a simple system to share the benefits, preferably from your mobile device.


Finding Partners

After customer acquisition, developing a team is key to creating substantial income. A simple step by step system is required so that even the newest can have immediate success.


Mentor With Servants Heart

You need to be willing to be coached, and to then turn around and share what you've learned with your ever expanding team.


Seeking Leaders

We are looking for fun, energetic people, who want to add a long term income stream of at least $2,000 per month, willing to invest a few hundred dollars to start, and a bit per month, who have the where with all to stick to the plan for 3-5 years.


About Us

Hi, we are Dave & Nancy Hanson. We have been in network marketing on and off again for over 20 year. We have had some epic failures, and some fantastic success. We walked away from the industry for a few years, as it felt like we were spinning our wheels, even though we had a group of over 3,000 people and personally enrolled over 130. We have learned a lot along the way and now have partnered with a team that has help create over 186 millionaires. This level of pentacle leadership is the key to build it once, build it right, leave a legacy. We invite you to join the adventure with us.

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