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Validate with Three Way Calls

A key step in the recruiting process is for you to validate the information you have presented to your prospect. Often times this can be accomplished with the use of third party websites. For nutritional MLM companies, third party stories seem to work very well.

Other times, however, it  comes down to validating the business side of things, and this is usually best done by a three way call to a successful upline distributor.

We’ve implemented a simple system on our team that makes this process much more efficient. We all use Skype to stay connected while online, so that when the occasion arises to do a three way call, we can just send a quick IM to see if they are available. This saves the hassle of three way calling into a busy number.

Don’t underestimate the power of three way calling to close your prospects. Are you using them now? If not, why not?

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