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MLM is NOT a Spectator Sport

So often times new MLM distributors get stuck in the getting started phase, “getting ready to get ready“, to build their network marketing business. Once in this mode, it is exceptionally difficult to get them into productive action, and the longer they’re there, the more difficult it becomes to getting them into action.

Your best defense against this is to get them taking small, yet productive steps immediately.

If you are using a good online marketing system similar to the myjetstream system, then it’s a matter of getting them plugged into your MLM Advertising Coop right when they sign up. This is when they are most motivated to build a business, and the silly fears haven’t overtaken them yet.

You do have an MLM ad coop don’t you? If not, you should start one this week!

The beauty of getting them plugged into your coop is that it gets them generating leads right away, and even if they don’t call the propsects, there is an a chance that they will be getting upgrades. Of course, you need to train them on working with their MLM leads; encourage them to develop a relationship with the new pre-enrollees being generated by making an initial contact service call, then follow up weekly with audio or video emails, and other updates, turning the cold market lead into a prospect that knows, likes and trusts you… (more on this in another post)

But none of the training on making calls does any good, and in fact will fall on deaf ears, if they are not in action to generate the traffic immediately. Building an MLM business can only be mastered by getting on the field of play – it’s not a spectator sport.

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