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100 Successful Online Entrepreneurs

One of the interesting things about truly successful people – you know the guys that seem to have the lifestyle, time, money, peace and happiness all at the same time – they’re rare for sure. But I know quite a few, and they all have a common characteristic:

A Personal Mission

Now this is usually not a self serving mission, but rather usually a big goal that’s bigger than them. They generally need to engage other people to achieve the goal, and it usually will result in making the world a better place to live.

My partners and I have a unified, common mission that maybe you could leverage. You see what we want to do has never been done before. We want to help create at least …

100 Successful Online Entrepreneurs by 2012

And by successful, I don’t mean just making a full time income online. That’s easy. I’m talking about enabling, training and coaching 100 people who not only never have to worry about money ever again have zero debt of any kind, they also have the freedom to enjoy their wealth.

Can it be done?

Well I believe it can. We are well on are way, and since we’re using the internet to help us achieve this remarkable goal, the market is enormous at over 1.5Billion people world wide.

Creating a mission will help to drive you. Push you. Help you stretch beyond what you thought was possible. Give yourself a treat and spend a few minutes, dig deep, and see if you can’t come up with a personal mission. You can borrow ours if you like, but do it today!

Until next time…

David A. Hanson

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