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Ideal Network Marketing Company

A great question was asked in one of the forums that I’m a member of:

Is there such a thing as an ideal network marketing company to join when using PPC (and social media marketing)? Are there some features that we should look for? e.g. High ticket items, etc. I am not asking about the normal things that we should look for but more the things that make it easier to market on the internet. Cheers! Calvin

Here was my response:

I’ve done a lot of PPC marketing, and what I’ve found is the key to success utilizing PPC is getting some cash flow on the front end regardless of whether your visitors join you or not.

If you don’t, you’ll run out of money.

There are several ways to accomplish this, I’ve used both a lateral approach with an attraction marketing system and a direct approach where I sell an informative DVD on the front end to qualify folks.

Both produce cash flow, and signups, although the direct approach the signups came faster for me.

Now don’t miss this critical point, you need to KNOW, or at least have a really good idea, how much a lead is going to be worth to you both in the short term and long term, so you can calculate your ROI (return on investment). The reason is you’ll be paying between $2 and $5 per lead (when you’re really good) depending on keyword, ad copy and everything we’re going to be learning here.

My experience with an attraction marketing system showed me that I was able to earn somewhere around $4 per lead on the front end for the sales funnel I had set up; my direct approach sales funnel produces a bit more.

In either case, once inside and a customer, you need to craft a unique selling proposition that stikes a chord with your customers (usually current network marketers) and can effortlessly move them along your sales funnel. If you get creative and can craft that USP, then most legitimate companies will work fine.

What are current network marketers having problems with, what are they looking for? Make sure you USP hits these hot buttons. Most current network marketers, quite honestly don’t really care about the product they promote (as long as it’s legal and ethical).

They want to work with someone who has a system that works (creates profits), and does a lot of the heavy lifting for them (YOU).

They want to work with someone that can show them how to generate leads without hassling friends and family (YOU).



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