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44 Network Marketing Tips

Building a successful MLM business takes commitment and persistence, but also a blueprint to follow. Here is a cheat sheet of the top 44 tips to keep you on track.

  1. Start with written goals and plans!
  2. Don’t wait for everything to be exactly right to start. IT NEVER WILL! Start now, with whatever you have. The things you need will come to you as you work towards your goal.
  3. Realize that “rejection” is natural. For every 20 people you contact, expect 19 “no’s” for every “yes.” You may very well do better than that, but expect 19 rejections. This way, the rejections won’t bother you because you expect them. Also, realize that they’re not rejecting YOU – they’re simply rejecting an idea. Just keep moving ahead. Be persistent, ignore the rejections, and you’ll get more than enough “yes’s” to build a highly successful business. Always remember: Some will. Some won’t. So what? Someone’s waiting. Next!
  4. Treat your network marketing business as a serious, full-time business, and it will become one.
  5. Follow-ups are just as important as the initial contact. If a person hasn’t joined yet, following up with more exciting information can turn the tide. Many people report that they get their best people after following up 3-5 times.
  6. Be patient. You’ll work the hardest your first six months and get compensated the least. Big incomes never happen overnight in network marketing. They only come after you’ve properly shown your personally-sponsored people how to duplicate your efforts. Network Marketing is a numbers game.
  7. Don’t give your Distributors unrealistic expectations.
  8. Be willing to invest more money into your business than you get out of it in the beginning.
  9. Don’t quit. The only way to fail is if you give up.
  10. Contact your upline and get their help and suggestions on how to grow your business. They will expect you to listen and then TAKE ACTION based exactly upon the advice they give.
  11. Ask for people’s opinion on the opportunity. It’s a good way to determine what objections they might have to joining and also allows you the chance to overcome those objections and sponsor them. You never recruit, you sponsor. Keep that in mind.
  12. Formulate a plan of weekly activity and be persistent in following it (if you fail to plan, you plan to fail). Sticking to your plan is essential for success.
  13. Assist those you sponsor as much as you can. Help them sponsor their first level distributors. Let them know that you offer your support. Teach your distributors the importance of doing the same. In helping others become successful, you help yourself become successful. It’s also a wonderful way to make life-long friends.
  14. Don’t mail out a few brochures or contact a few people and expect the money to start rolling in. Expect to work your business consistently for 1-2 years before seeing a really substantial income.
  15. Though network marketing is one of the few businesses where you can earn while you learn, think of your first six months primarily as a training period. Don’t expect large earnings until after you’ve educated yourself through experience.
  16. Don’t waste time on skeptics or non-motivated people. They will NOT succeed in your business or any other. They do not possess the qualities of a winner (this includes “rocking-chair advisors” who talk and talk, seeming to know all the answers, but never act on any of them).
  17. Always replace the people in your organization who do not succeed.
  18. Don’t constantly whine and complain to your upline or network marketing company. Realize that what you accomplish is mainly in your hands – no one else’s. Also realize that, when you see a problem, 90% of the time there are factors you are unaware of. Don’t jump to conclusions. When you have a problem, present it in a concise letter as positive, constructive criticism. Offer solutions if possible, too. Not only will this approach get you better results, but you’ll be building your relationship with your upline/network marketing company instead of tearing it down.
  19. Don’t do things for your distributors that they should do themselves – create INDEPENDENT Distributors.
  20. FOCUS! You cannot become successful in network marketing trying to do many things at once. We know of people out there that are involved in 30+ businesses. That approach is utterly and totally doomed to fail.
  21. Always present yourself and your business in a professional and ethical manner.
  22. Stick to the facts. Don’t exaggerate the opportunity – it’s actually amazing anyway!
  23. Lead by example. Do all the things you want your distributors to emulate.
  24. Learn as much as you can about the company / business you are working. But do it while you build not before you start!
  25. Be duplicable. Avoid promoting your business in any way that causes your prospects to say to themselves, “Oh, now I see how this network marketing thing works, but I could never do that.” In other words, if you are to succeed, your prospects must always be able to envision themselves doing what you’re doing.
  26. Think BIG! Small desire produces small results just as small fires produce little heat. Start with MASSIVE all out action from day one. Do what you are told to do by your upline and do even more of it than you thought you were capable of. Some people spend 10 years trying to ‘be ready’ and never build a business at all!
  27. Know that most people crave recognition. RECOGNIZE your distributors who are doing good things with praise and rewards. Keep the contact with them close.
  28. Communicate constantly! Keep in touch with everyone in your downline regularly. For your key people, make it daily if possible. The methods you can use are numerous: voice chat, webpage, newsletters, meetings, phone calls, email, voice mail, faxes, postcards, Skype etc. …just stay in close contact!
  29. Ask for referrals. Ask, E.g., “Do you know anyone who might be looking to earn some extra money?”
  30. Always be ENTHUSIASTIC!!
  31. When you come over new marketing / promotional methods that are PROVEN to work really well, share them with the people in your organization. Remember, DUPLICATION.
  32. Build a list of contacts. Add to it daily.
  33. Listen to tapes, CDs and audio files etc. on network marketing. Listen again and again until you’ve totally absorbed them.
  34. Don’t become obsessed with sponsoring a “heavy hitter.” Instead, learn how to be a heavy hitter yourself.
  35. Be organized, but don’t allow the act of organizing to keep you from the real important things: Marketing, Sponsoring and Training
  36. Don’t let little challenges upset you. Concentrate on the many positives and the big picture.
  37. Always remember that the only constant in life is change. There will always be changes to products, plans and initiatives to which you must adapt quickly. Like #36, don’t let changes upset you. Know that you will have to deal with changes and other obstacles, both big and small, continually. Be prepared to be flexible.
  38. Don’t be a negative thinker and don’t let the negative attitudes of others (even if they’re family members, friends, or peers) influence you. All the great men and women in history had to overcome the ones that said it couldn’t be done – and then went out and did it anyway. Think for yourself!
  39. Don’t be derailed by “perfection paralysis.” Realize that you won’t be able to do everything perfectly. Do the best job you can, then move on to the next person. Keep moving forward every single day.
  40. Read books (such as Napoleon Hill’s classic, “Think and Grow Rich”) that will convince you how powerful your mind really is. Develop the tremendous potential in you (that we all have) that has never been tapped!
  41. Have FUN! It’s infectious! People can’t resist someone having fun. Make your business so much fun that others will flock to you to join you.
  42. Remember always…”IF IT’S TO BE, IT’S UP TO ME.”
  43. Just go out there right now and GET ON WITH IT! Don’t analyse everything. Action pays but analysis costs.
  44. Don’t bug your upline for answers you can get for yourself from either their or the company’s websites, brochures and information sources.
  45. Say LESS to MORE PEOPLE, and do it MORE FREQUENTLY. – To quote Paula Pritchard, ‘there is no problem in network marketing which cannot be solved by going out and sponsoring 10 new people’.
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