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The Proper Way to Use MLM Genealogy Leads

I’ve been struck by the absolute laziness of networkers again lately. It seems there’s another new voice broadcast system out that promises to make recruiting a huge organization at the push of the button a reality… yeah right.

They are mostly selling the “system” to do these broadcasts in some kind of modified 1-up or 2-up system and those unsuspecting prey are lead to believe they will be rolling in the dough in multiple streams of income, since you can use the same system to build your primary business later on… after you’ve recouped your system investment.

I’ve heard that before (remember Gold Calling?)

The problem with these systems are they way over priced, and you can get the same thing done for way less… especially if all you want to do is leave a voice mail message. So what if they are provided with a couple million genealogy leads, you can get free mlm downline reports online. Even if you wanted to have a live transfer of a prospect that listened to the pitch, you can get this for on a couple dollars per transfer.

Why pay the huge setup fee?

But that’s not the worst part about these systems… effective prospecting and recruiting requires live contact. Leaving voice mail messages and expecting people to call back or visit your website is not rational thinking. Yeah, some will, but the vast majority will just ignore your message.

You see, a live personal touch is required to pique their interest enough so that they want to go visit your website. That is the only purpose of your first contact, and if you are on the phone with a prospect for more than 30 seconds, you’re doing something wrong. The bottom line is you need to keep your initial pitch professional, quick, and fun. If you do it right, more than half the folks will agree to look at your website. Anything less than 25% means your pitch needs to be worked on.

Of course, only a percentage of you yes’s will follow through and look at your information, but here too if you’re doing it right at least half of them will. Much less than that and more work on that initial contact is required.

The fact of the matter is, MLM genealogy leads are your target market. They have at one time spent money on some kind of opportunity, which means there is a very good chance that they will join another, if approached properly and if the timing is right.

So get your self some genealogy leads, follow our professional and simple calling script and get to work!

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