Save on Taxes With Your MLM Business

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Save on Taxes With Your MLM Business

The Tax Foundation in Washington D.C. reports that the average American loses about 35% of their income to taxes. The second is for the home-based business owner. Congress knows starting and succeeding in business is tough. That is why they passed laws allowing business owners to deduct their expenses… more »

Home Business Office Tax Breaks

If you qualify, IRS Form 8829 (Expenses for Business Use of Your Home) is the place to claim home-business tax deductions. If your business day begins at your home-business location and you used your truck or car for business in 2001, its business operating costs are deductible at 34.5 cents per business mile. If your home business did not produce any taxable profit, you can’t deduct your home-business expenses… more »

MLM Tax Helper

Finally, you can stop wasting your valuable time — no more fumbling for hours, even days, through all of your receipts every year come tax time, and no more not knowing your bottom line business results. Discover how you can take control of your business information once and for all, start getting back every penny you deserve on your taxes and truly make tax time a joy this, and every year! more »

Top 25 Home Business Deductions

Every time you lick a stamp for your business, write a check for an insurance premium or buy a box of paper clips, you’re incurring a legitimate business expense that may be tax-deductible. The Internal Revenue Code allows you to deduct all "ordinary and necessary" expenses of operating your business — these can vary depending on the type of business. Below are some of the most common deductions small businesses take… more »

Reduce Your Taxes to Legal Minimum

It’s how much you KEEP, that counts, not how much you make. Learn how home-business tax breaks can put an additional $200 to $600 per month, or more, in your take-home pay starting NOW – GUARANTEED! Congress passed these tax laws to encourage home-based businesses because “Small business is the backbone of the American economy,” according to President George W. Bush… more »

Tips for Home Business Deductions

What is a "Business," for the purposes of the IRS ? When can you deduct your home-related business expenses? What portion of the home is deductible? What are the limits of home business deductions? Answers to these questions and more »

Ten Tips to Pay Less Tax

Small business owners face unique tax issues. Here are some ideas to help you get the most from your business deductions, avoid problems that can affect small business owners, and plan for the future. more »

Bank On These Tax Tips

If you have a fulltime job in addition to having a home-based business, your deductions may exceed your home-business income by thousands of dollars. That means that your home-business would report a ‘net loss’ for the year. The IRS calls this ‘proving your profit motive’ or ‘profit intent,’ and the very best way to do that is to have a written Business Plan. If you’re like most people who have a home-based business, you’ve never written a business plan before. That ‘intent’ can be worth thousands of dollars in tax deductions, year after year. more »